Cat 6 FTP Cable

Cat 6 Cable UTP, PVC & LSZH
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Cat 6 Cable UTP, PVC & LSZH

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Product Overview
Supporting Gigabit Ethernet. Good performance upto 250Mhz. 8 insulated copper wires twisted in pairs and surrounded by an outer insulation jacket. 23 AWG ensures good conductivity.

The Cat 6 cable is suited for the Gigabit Ethernet, wich are described as 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T. Best suited for reducing crosstalk interference, which ensures reception of the best quality of data from the network. PVC jacket and Low Smoke Zero Halogen jackets are used for two types of Cat 6 cables.
Color: Grey, Type: Indoor PVC, 23AWG 4 Pair UTP, 250 Mhz, 305 Mtr Roll Box. Part No. AVE-U23305-71LS. Color: Grey, Type: Indoor LSZH, 23AWG 4 Pair UTP, 250 Mhz, 305 Mtr Roll Box.
Availabel Sizes
Indoor Type with PVC jacket and Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacket. 305 mtr. box.

Data Sheet
Conductor Material: Bare Copper, Conductor Size: 23 AWG, Conductor Construction: 1/ 0.575/ 0.585 +- 0.01mm, Insulation Material: HD-PE, Insulation Thickness: 0.15mm minimum at any point, Insulation Colors: Blue-White Blue, Orange-White Orange, Green- White/Green, Brown- White Brown, Jacket material: PVC or LSZH, Jacket Thickness: 0.40mm minimum at any point, Jacket Diameter: 6.3 +- 0.3, Color: Grey.


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