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Cat 6 FTP Cable
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Cat 6 FTP Cable

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Product Overview
Supporting Gigabit Ethernet. Good performance upto 250Mhz. 8 insulated copper wires twisted in separate pairs and surrounded by an outer insulation jacket. 23 AWG ensures good conductivity. Meets all ISO/IEC 11801 - 2001 requirement.
The Cat 6 cable is suited for the Gigabit Ethernet, which are described as 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T. Lower bit error rates, higher network efficiency Maximizes the signal and increases bandwidth. improves network performance. Minimize physically damage . PVC jacket and Low Smoke Zero Halogen jackets are used for two types of Cat 6 FTP cables.
Color: Green, Type: Indoor PVC, 23AWG 4 Pair FTP, 250 Mhz, 305 Mtr Roll Box. Part No. AVE-F23305-71LS. Color: Grey, Type: Indoor LSZH, 23AWG 4 Pair FTP, 250 Mhz, 305 Mtr Roll Box.
Availabel Sizes
Indoor Type with PVC jacket and Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacket. 305 mtr. box.
Data Sheet
Conductor Material: Bare Copper, Conductor Size: 23 AWG, Conductor Construction: 1/ 0.575/ 0.585 +- 0.01mm, Insulation Material: HD-PE, Insulation Thickness: 0.15mm minimum at any point, Insulation Colors: Blue-White Blue, Orange-White Orange, Green- White/Green, Brown- White Brown, Individual Pair shield: laminated Aluminum foil ( foil face outward ) providing 100% coverage. Overall shield: Polyester - Aluminum Tape. Jacket material: PVC or LSZH, Jacket Thickness: 0.40mm minimum at any point, Jacket Diameter: 6.3 +- 0.3, Color: Green.


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